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The leading platform for electronic trading.

FPG provides the best brokerage and infrastructure for digital asset trading operations. We handle millions of orders for the most advanced traders in the industry.

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Flexible and powerful trading infrastructure.

We boost the productivity of a firm's engineering team with a developer-focused toolkit of applications. We have modules for: real-time market data streaming, algorithmic order execution, and backtesting analysis. Give your firm immediate access to the digital asset markets or improve your current infrastructure with our customizable offering that we'll help tailor specifically to your needs.

  • Best execution, without compromise.

    FPG smart order routing was designed and built to remove the tedious work of building feed handlers, order monitors, and execution algorithms. With parameters configurable for any situation, we reduce slippage, cut down transaction fees, minimize market impact, avoid detection, and reduce latency. Tell us about your priorities and we can rapidly deploy a custom execution suite to augment your trading strategy.

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