Achieve Better Results on Your Orders
With Our Expert Trading Team

Limit Slippage in Illiquid Markets

Our advanced algorithms minimize slippage, delivering superior results for your trades.

Customizable Order Structure

We work with you to achieve trading goals such as minimizing market impact, capitalizing on market trends, and tax optimized trading.

Privacy and Anonymity

Manage your treasury and investments while preserving your privacy from predatory traders.


Serving Institutional Clients Since 2018

We’re not an OTC desk

We are your full-time agency trading team, powered by unmatched algorithmic trading prowess to consistently overcome illiquid markets for our clients’ orders.

We’re built to last

FPG runs one of the longest standing and experienced trading desks in crypto, transacting tens of billions of dollars for our institutional clients.

Flexible Execution to Fit Your Needs

Structured Treasury Management Plans

Consult with our trading team to define and implement customized plans for careful liquidation of an illiquid token or to build a position without alerting the market.

Order Types For Every Situation
  • Market orders
  • Limit Orders
  • TWAP
  • VWAP
  • Iceberg
  • and others

Our data speaks for itself.


Average price
improvement on orders
lasting >1 month


Average response time
from our trading team


Tradable assets as of
Sept. 18th, 2022

use cases


Blockchain Foundations & Token Issuers

Manage your treasury for longevity without the operational burden. Our expert trading team will take a consultative approach to help you develop a plan to fund your development for perpetuity- in both up and down markets- and execute on it without needing daily instructions from you.


Venture Capital Funds

Exit your positions in a way that preserves the value of the ecosystem that you’ve helped build. Allow our trading team to go to work for you, helping you crystalize the gains on your investments without paying ulta-high fees to market makers and OTC desks.


Family Offices

Attain scale faster by outsourcing your execution to our trading team. Benefit from our fees, our relationships, and our infrastructure as you build from the ground up. Execute complex strategies with greater confidence in your ability to operate in any market condition.

"It's impressive- you beating VWAP by that much. Thanks again!"

Head of Trading, Multibillion Dollar Asset Manager

FPG is a prime brokerage enabling institutions to scale
faster and enhance profitability through market
access and a global agency trading desk.

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