Best-in-Industry Experience

Instant Onboarding & Access to Liquidity

Onboard once with FPG, a US and internationally regulated counterparty, and get instant access to deep liquidity around the world on day one.

24/7 Access to Our Trading Team

Instant 24/7 support by our team of expert traders on-call to support your needs. Our team is deployed around the world to meet crypto’s non-stop market.

Transparent Trade Pricing

Say goodbye to bespoke and opaque pricing- FPG charges transparent and predictable execution fees on a tier-based structure.

Not Your Average OTC Desk

Our Approach

Algorithmic Trading Over Time

We trade algorithmically over time to fill difficult orders while delivering superior results for our customers.

Incentivized to Outperform

As agency traders, we can’t trade against you. Our only incentive is to help you beat your target metrics on every transaction.

Flexible Execution to Fit Your Needs

Structured Treasury Management Plans

Consult with our trading team to define and implement customized plans for careful liquidation of an illiquid token or to build a position without alerting the market.

A Suite of Order Types
  • Limit Orders
  • TWAP
  • VWAP
  • Iceberg

Our data speaks for itself.


Average Performance Against VWAP


Average order confirmation time


Downtime since
January 1st, 2020

use cases


Blockchain Foundations & Token Issuers

Fulfill your cashflow needs while protecting your markets from the impact
that can be caused by constant selling and without frontrunning.


Venture Capital Funds

Exit your best positions without causing harm to the projects you’ve
backed or build up a sizable position without alerting the market.


Family Offices

Deploy assets at scale into the most exciting trades utilizing our
expert trading team and elite electronic trading infrastructure.

"It's impressive- you beating VWAP by that much. Thanks again!"

Head of Trading, Multibillion Dollar Asset Manager

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