Introducing FlowVault

A next-gen settlement & transfers platform to make trading on cryptocurrency exchanges easier and safer.

Cryptocurrency investing is still prohibitively risky.

The web3 industry has created a multi-trillion dollar asset class that has minted nearly 5% of all unicorn startups over the last two years (CB Insights). There have been in-roads made with proof of concepts by major financial institutions, but many traditional markets participants have still yet to do substantial business.

How can that be? What is holding the industry back? The cryptocurrency market is a fragmented network that’s presents a challenge to traditional financial institutions to navigate. Even the simplest platforms require a high degree of sophisticated from their users. The result? Visibility into your holdings is limited, financial controls are bespoke and insufficient, and there are security risks are lurking around every corner. Ultimately, most mistakes are irreversible.

There are endless ways for market participants to get robbed or burned such as:

  • Mistype a wallet address
  • Send a cryptocurrency to the *right* address on the *wrong* blockchain
  • Misspell the URL for ( and accidentally log into a copycat site
  • Mistakenly authenticate a hostile application to control your wallet

While the future of cryptocurrency is undoubtedly bright, promises of financial sovereignty, trustless financial services, and eliminating global barriers are ultimately empty without critical gaps being filled with better, more thoughtfully constructed technology.

Introducing FlowVault

At Floating Point Group (FPG), we spend our days thinking about how to eliminate the potential single points of failure in crypto investment operations. That’s why we are proud and excited to announce the launch of FlowVault to help institutional investors and financial institutions safely manage their cryptocurrency portfolios at scale. With FlowVault, asset managers can now:

  • Onboard once, trade everywhere. With FlowVault users can instantly access our entire ecosystem of partner exchanges without needing to onboard individually with each one. Users can bring their own established accounts, but it’s not required.
  • Establish security and control across the entire ecosystem. FlowVault allows you to manage your assets in our ecosystem with greater confidence, no matter where the assets reside. Use customizable approval policies based on user roles and multi-factor authentication.
  • Benefit from the first of its kind insurance for on-exchange assets. Assets that are used to pre-fund an exchange account are protected by FPG’s one-of-a-kind cybercrime policy, protecting the assets against external hackers while they’re held in exchange accounts.
  • Gain a bird’s-eye view of assets across the ecosystem. Through FlowVault’s portal, users can quickly see what assets they’re holding, where those assets reside, and track transfers in real-time.
  • Reduce human error. Eliminate fat finger mistakes and the danger of misclicks with thoughtful user interface design. FlowVault lets you transfer assets between wallets and between exchanges without entering a blockchain address.

Who is FlowVault for?

FlowVault dramatically simplifies the back end operations of investors and institutions, reducing cybersecurity risks, making single points of failure a thing of the past, and using thoughtful product design to limit human error. The result is institutions across the crypto ecosystem can now safely custody assets without sacrificing efficiency in the process. Here are some examples:

  • Hedge Funds: can hold and transfer assets while trading with cryptocurrency exchanges and OTC desks.
  • OTC Desks: can simplify operations and build in the controls necessary to scale, going from founders/executives retaining control to full teams managing growth.
  • Blockchain Foundations: can improve treasury management, splitting off wallets for specific purposes and diversifying the centralized risk of managing a multi-billion dollar treasury.
  • Funds of Funds: can create separately-managed accounts for fund managers to trade from without relinquishing control of their assets.

FlowVault, in short, provides the efficiency and speed that you need, with the security you require for the fast-growth crypto world.

About Floating Point Group

A Floating Point Group is building fast and efficient access to crypto. Made in the United States and supported globally, FPG has offices in the U.S., Singapore, and the Cayman Islands. Today, FPG helps dozens of institutions manage their cryptocurrency operations at scale, with hundreds of millions of dollars of assets held in custody and tens of billions of dollars in completed transactions. FPG was founded at MIT in 2018 and is now backed by Tribe Capital, Coinbase, Naval Ravikant, and a host of other investors.

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