The digital currency markets are evolving.


FPG can help the Algorand Foundation make informed data-driven decisions that deliver billions of dollars of value.

In this digital-native economy, untold insights exist buried in the terrabytes of data that are being produced each day.

Let other cryptocurrency foundations make mistakes, and let us learn from them.

FPG proposes a data-driven approach to gain insights to drive the Algorand Foundation's decision making process.

Key Project Goals:

Example Customer

TrigonX's pricing feed delivered via API, with customer-specific spread adjustments and liquidity access.

Customer's trade requests:

  1. Market orders

  2. Limit orders

  3. IOC

  4. FOK

Lit Exchanges


OTC desks

Programmatically route orders via:

  1. Market orders

  2. Limit orders


  4. FPG custom algorithms

Admin + Accounting Features:

  1. Tradeblotter

  2. User management

  3. Transaction history

  4. Transaction Cost Analysis

Counterparty Connectivity

  1. At least 8 exchanges at time of launch

  2. Connection to TrigonX's most important OTC desks

  3. Use of Etana + Signet for instant 24/7 settlement



FPG's Standard Fee Tiers

















TrigonX Custom Package

Per Transaction: 3bps

Monthly Minimum: $5000

Up front deposit: 3 months est. fees*

Commitment Term: 12 months

* up front deposit will pay for the first 3 months of use of FPG's technology

Why Choose Floating Point Group

Track Record:

In 12 months, FPG built the highest performing EMS in the industry, funded largely by revenue, not investors. We're now trusted by some of the best players in the space, including asset managers with tens of billions of dollars in assets under management.

Our Execution Will Not Be Beaten:

Our team consists of individuals who are used to being the best in the world at something. John holds the world-record for human speech prediction from his work while at MIT and his research in photonic neural-networks was funded by the U.S. military and widely celebrated in the academic community. Our closest advisor, mentor, and part-time consultant Peter built the electronic trading business at JP Morgan from the ground up, making it the leader in equities electronic trading.


When it comes to electronic trading, you won't find a smarter system.


We're here to prove ourselves and are willing to do what it takes. We move fast, learn, and adapt with a unique energy. We love what we do and that humble passion bleeds into our product, our messaging, and our every interaction with customers. 

About Us

Floating Point Group is a trading platform provider, offering innovative, industry-leading trade execution and settlement.

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